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June 6, 2019

What About Wapiyapi?

Wapiyapi Summer Camp is all about kids, kids who have been facing cancer.   But it isn’t only about the kids who have or had cancer.   It is about all kids, because when one child has cancer, their siblings suffer too.   And to make it even better, camp is at no charge!

Session one camp has just started at Camp Wapiyapi.   But kids aren’t the only ones who can be active this summer.  You can donate camping supplies, join the S’More Club Giving Circle, donate financially or with your time.  

Their sixth annual fundraiser is coming up at the end of the summer.   On Thursday, September 26, the Wellshire Event Center will host Campfire and Cocktails, a truly unique event that I love because it is a family-friendly event and provides an opportunity for all kids to get an introduction  to philanthropic events. For more info, here’s the website:  http://www.campwapiyapi.org